SHA-384 Hash Generator

Online Free SHA384 Hash Generator.Use this tool to generate for a given String.

What is SHA-384?

SHA-384 is a cryptographic hash function that belongs to the SHA-2 (Secure Hash Algorithm 2) family. It is widely used in various cryptographic applications and is known for its strong security properties.

One-way function: It is extremely difficult to reverse-engineer the original input from the hash

Collision resistant: Two different inputs produce the same hash value with extremely low probability.

Secure mixing: It iterates over the input data multiple times, creating a complex and secure mixing of the bits

Application Use of SHA386?

Password hashing: SHA-384 is commonly used for password hashing, where a password is converted into a secure hash value that cannot be easily reversed.

Digital signatures: SHA-384 can be used to create digital signatures, which are used to verify the authenticity of a message or document.

Blockchain technology: SHA-384 is used in blockchain technology to secure the transactions and ensure the integrity of the data.

Data integrity verification: SHA-384 can be used to verify the integrity of data, such as files or databases.